Hanging with the Biever

Me 'n the Biev were bored.  Decided to go to MalWart and do some shoplifting.  He pocketed some cheap Maybeline mascara. Thought that his lashes  could use some thickening up. I laughed.  As if anyone cared about his lashes.  I said "wouldn't it be fun to have a go cart chase up and down the aisles of this place".   He immediately gets on the Crackberry, calls up his "go to guy" and the next thing you know, we're chasing each other in hot rod go-carts up and down the lingerie aisles, knocking down the mannequins and overturning tables full of bras and panties.  He gets a girdle stuck in his steering wheel, bumps into a low lying shelf, goes up on two wheels  and looses control, crashing into a big display of plastic laundry hampers.  I'm pissing myself laughing.  By now, security has the place surrounded and they're calling out to us on bull-horns.  I scramble over the hampers and the Biev is out cold.  He's got a nasty gash across his forehead and it's gushing bright red blood.  I look around and they're having a "white" sale in the towel department.  I grab a handful of facecloths and begin wiping up the blood from his face.  He slowly comes around but when he sees all the blood he passes out again.  I slap him hard-once on each cheek.  "Wake up man.  They've got us surrounded and they're gonna find the mascara in your pocket!"  He slowly gets up and I wrap another white towel around his head.  Makes him look like ......................to be continued