A story about Gordon Lightfoot

a story about Gordon Lightfoot

Back when I played with the Good Brothers, Gord Lightfoot was part of the scene and was kind of a mentor to the band. Brian Good had written as song called "Ballad of the Eletha B". It was a song about a fishing boat that went down in Lake Erie with a father and his sons aboard. They had been out in a heavy fog when the temp crashed and the fog froze onto the boat sinking it. It was a beautiful, haunting song and Brian was quite proud of it.

After the first Good Bros album was recorded we were all at a listening party at Thunder Sound, a long gone Toronto recording studio. I was standing beside Brian when the Eletha B started playing on the speakers. Brian asked Gord to listen to the song. After it finished, Gord turned to Brian and said "it's a great song but sinking ships don't work!" This was a couple of years before Gord wrote the Edmund Fitzgerald-one of his biggest hits. Ironic.